Importance of The Internet

Ya, kehadiran internet di kehidupan umat manusia saat ini sangat penting sekali..
bisa dibilang tanpa internet kita “mati”..jgn bohong..jujur aja gw begitu..

Sebuah quote dari Mr.Ariel Palsu (penjual “Internet” dan roti bakar di deket kosan gw):
No Internet We Are Zombay
Yap! sebuah quote yg tidak penting,, tapi tidak apa..warungnya tetep laku loh..

Why do I consider that Internet is important?
It provides an easy tool for communication, building social networks, connects large organizations together, it contains lots of useful resources such as this webpage, up-to-date news and much more things, such as:
-Social awareness
-Entertainment and GAME
-Knowledge base
-A new way to communicate
-To make things easier [like banking]
-Expressing yourself
-Sharing ideas
-Learning new things
-& a LOT more..

One of my REALLY BEST FRIEND VIGOSS express his opinion about the importance of the Internet :

Ganker ter-IMBA

Ganker ter-IMBA

“It is without doubt the ‘greatest communication tool’ the world has (which is for free). I realize you have to pay for the service, but after that there’s no charge. Phones and the like you have to pay for as you use them. And is one to one. But, this is for anyone to everyone. Like in DoTA, 5vs5 players! And a few minutes after the game started, I OWN!”

Oke..buat tambahan aja yah..berikut ini hasil kreatif para pengguna internet di Indonesia..
Monggo dilihat-lihat..:P

meskipun perang tetap PERTAMAX

meskipun perang tetap PERTAMAX

Yoh! That’s all for the 2nd task.. 😀


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